the benefits of garlic for health

the active sulfur compound in garlic, Ajoene, is capable of destroying bacterial defenses when attacking the human body. In addition to inhibiting the growth of bacterial molecules, Ajoene is also able to damage the slimy protective matrix that surrounds bacteria called biofilms. the health benefits of garlic don't just end there. Allium sativum, the Latin name of garlic, also has many other benefits for the body. Both the benefits of garlic for health and the benefits of garlic for the face.

the benefits of garlic for health, namely:

1. Lose Weight
One of the problems most often complained of by women is that their weight does not go down even though they do a lot of exercise. Maybe it's time to try the benefits of garlic on this one. by consuming garlic often, it turns out the body can better control appetite.

2. Onions to Treat Warts
If there is only one fruit, the warts might not feel too annoying, but what if there are more. If this happens, then it's time to use the benefits of garlic on this one, which is to eradicate warts from the skin.

How :
only need to grind the garlic until it becomes smooth, then stick it on the skin with warts and leave for 10 minutes then rinse.

Warning: not recommended to use more than 10 minutes.

3. Overcome Cancer
Heat in garlic has been proven to make cancer prevention quite effective. Other organosulfide content that helps the liver produce chemical compounds that can prevent the arrival of stomach cancer and colon cancer specifically, but also can prevent other cancers.

To get the benefits of garlic, one of the easiest ways to do this is to add garlic to the dish.

4. Reducing Blood Sugar
Diabetics will certainly feel greatly helped by the benefits of garlic on this one. This is evidenced by the ability of garlic to reduce triglyceride levels and glucose levels. The complex content in garlic is very possible to prevent sugar levels from rising.

5. Garlic for Pregnant
Women Women who experience pregnancy may feel uncomfortable eating garlic. But actually the benefits of garlic for pregnant women is quite large, which can help increase the baby's weight, as well as minimize the risk of pre-eclampsia pregnancy.

By diligently consuming and knowing how to consume garlic that can make pregnant women feel comfortable, the baby in the womb will be healthier, and more secure growth.

6. Helps Reduce Rheumatism
Rheumatism is indeed one of the most troublesome ailments, it is also very suitable for finding medicines that are truly appropriate. This is because rheumatism is a disease associated with muscles and joints as well.

The good news is that the efficacy of consuming garlic before going to sleep turns out to have helped those who have this rheumatic problem. The new efficacy of garlic is like a new drug which in the end can really help them.

7. Treating Patients with Anemia
Some of the problems most often experienced by people with anemia are feeling dizzy and also weak to faint. Both of these conditions certainly greatly limit a person's activities, so they cannot be as free as other people who don't experience anemia problems.

The content of vitamin C, vitamin B1, iron and other nutrients in garlic will greatly help someone who is experiencing anemia. This may not permanently eliminate anemia, but will help prevent recurrences.

8. Medication for Respiratory Problems
Another benefit of garlic is to overcome breathing problems in a person. This benefit has been recognized and proven by China and Greece. Some respiratory diseases that are very likely to be treated by garlic are asthma and bronchitis.

The content of allicin in garlic can provide a sharp sensation in someone's odor, so that it can relieve pain or inflammation in the lungs.

9. Improve digestion
There are many ways to eat white stuff, one of which is to boil it first. Apparently, the benefits of eating boiled garlic is one of them is to facilitate digestion.

Garlic has a substance called alicin, which can stimulate the intestine and stomach wall to facilitate digestion. Therefore, a person will no longer experience digestive problems that are often disturbed.

10. Useful as a Source of Stamina The
number of activities and work that must be completed every day will often make someone feel tired. Apparently, the benefits of consuming garlic in the morning will get more stamina. Eating garlic like that might still feel weird, so it's a good idea to get used to it now.

11. Stimulate nerve cells
The growth of new nerve cells is one of the important processes for the body because it will increase body cells. Especially for someone who has a nerve problem or disease.

Saltivine compounds in garlic will stimulate the composition of nerve cells to work faster and better. The benefits of garlic will work quickly if you consume diligently.

12. Preventing and treating flu
Flu is indeed a health problem that quite often strikes, especially when the rainy season arrives where the flu will be one of the disorders that come. But even so, the flu will greatly disrupt activity.

Efficacy of garlic is very effective for preventing and relieving colds. This is caused by the anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties found in garlic. If you really want to get well, you must be diligent in consuming garlic.

13. Overcoming Cholesterol
High cholesterol can indeed provide many problems for the body. one of the most felt is the body will become weak every day. treatment using garlic will not take too long to cure cholesterol.

14. Cleanse Toxins
If you are more familiar with fruits to detoxify the body, it turns out the efficacy of garlic can then do the same thing. This is of course because garlic has anti-oxidants which are not inferior to fruits.

15. Efficacious in treating sinusitis
because of the content of allicin which can treat sinusitis. This is because the content of making anti-fungal and anti-bacterial garlic can eventually cause sinus infections.

16. Overcoming Male Impotence
benefits of garlic to overcome Male Impotence. Garlic is one of the benefits of overcoming male impotence. With this will certainly make men more confident in front of a partner and can make a household warmer than before.

17. Treating Liver Disease
Anti-oxidants found in garlic can also help someone with liver disease problems. the heart is one of the most important organs. so it will be very dangerous if there are heart problems. that garlic is a very effective drug in inflammation of the liver.

18. Treating boils
The more crowded the activity will affect mealtime. until finally it can cause ulcer disease. If you like this, using the garlic property seems to be the right choice. Garlic can also cure chronic boils.

Warning: not recommended to use more than 10 minutes.

19. Missing right varicose veins
While the benefits of the last garlic is able to eliminate varicose veins that usually appear on the instep.

Raw garlic is not recommended for consumption. How to consume bottom white by boiling, becoming a spice in cooking, and fried.